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Info before Raid Release!
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3rd Sep 2018

Hey Everyone!

Thought we'd make an update about what we'll do regarding raids, loot and addons now before the raids open up.

Raid Info

So as you know, our main raids are on Wednesdays, Sundays and Tuesdays from 20-23 servertime. Those are mandatory raids that we expect everyone to show up to. Then we also have our extra day on Thursdays that is not mandatory where we usually do Heroic runs, boost runs or where we just add one day to progress Mythic.

So when/if we schedule an extra Mythic day to push harder for whatever reason(which we usually do every Mythic release) we do appreciate the signups, if you cant that's also fine.

Our boost run's money always goes into Guild Bank which then buys us Vantus Runes, Feasts etcetc.

Loot Info

Since BfA changed how looting works and there's no Master Loot anymore we'll have to adapt and make it work without ML.

We'll still have a loot council but if an item isnt tradable then that person gets to keep their item. If an item is tradable our addon will pick it up and you'll be forced to choose whether its an Upgrade, if it's for Offspec or a BiS(Best in Slot) piece etc, then our council will check the item that people interested will replace and decide if it's a bigger upgrade for someone else or not.

As an example:

X = Member 1
Y = Member 2

X gets an item, keeps the item because its an upgrade and cant trade it.
X gets the same item next week, our Loot Council addon snaps it up and people choose what they want(MS, OS, BiS etc.) our council cast their votes and somebody wins. X then trades item to Y, or keeps it if they won the item.
X can also trade the item to an Officer if he so decides, so they can do the trading.


So the first thing you're linked to once you've been accepted is a post where you're shown what addons we use and require. I'll post them again here and explain why we use them.

We use BDLC because it's usually a better alternative to RCLC and it doesnt break after every major patch.
This is our Loot Council addon which you'll need to be eligible for loot.

Exorsus Raid Tools
EXRT is an extensive addon that does quite a lot of things, what we use it for is to check what people are wearing, their ILVL, neck LVL, WeakAuras amongst other things.
This is an important addon to have even though you might not use it.

Angry Assignments
AA is where we post Info/Strats about bosses or just rotations for healers, group assignments and stuff like that.
Also an important addon to have, so you can quickly check what needs to be done.

WA is what we use for custom boss mechanics that needs extra attention. These auras are provided before/during raid either on the Raid channel on Discord or directly through the game.

DBM / BigWigs
The guild recommends BigWigs since the WA's that will be posted and used will sometimes have hooks to BigWigs and grab info from that addon.
DBM also works but wont support our WA's
NOTE: Not all WA's will have custom hooks so it's not too big of an issue, im just letting you know now, so if a WA isnt working correctly that might be the issue.
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Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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