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Welcome to our new home - Insomnia
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14th Jul 2018

First and foremost Welcome to the official home of Insomnia!
We are a new Horde semi-hardcore raiding guild seated on EU-Draenor transferring over from Silvermoon-Alliance. We're looking to expand our current roster of very experienced and adept players.

About us
We are a group of friends coming over from Silvermoon-Alliance where we had plenty of success in creating a new raiding team at the end of WoD/start of Legion and then instantly competing with some of the best guilds on the server.

We wanted to go Horde because that's what most of us have played previously and enjoy, we also have some good friends on this realm and thought it would be a good fit to settle down on.

Most of us have been raiding since the TBC-WotLK era at a high/very high level and therefore wanted to create something for ourselves. Almost everyone currently in the team knows each other in some way, shape, or form. Most of us are additionally very good friends, which in turn creates a healthy and friendly atmosphere, albeit weird at times if not familiar with some of our humor.

Regardless of our relations to each other, we still have a very competitive mindset when it comes to clearing current content. Our plan is simply to just clear Mythic as soon as possible.

We're currently recruiting all classes. Even if your class is not listed or has a high/medium prio on the recruitment status try us anyway, all applicants will always be considered. Send an application our way if our guild seems like a rewarding and enjoyable place to spend your time!

Our schedule right now is Wednesday, Sunday and Tuesday from 20:00 to 23:00.

You can always whisper one of the Officers in-game or send us a PM here on the forums if you have any questions or the like. It is in our best interest to help you!

• Velimonk ( Veli )
• Dreâmz ( DreaMz )
• Spóòtin ( Sp00tin )
• Hartonoodles ( Harto )
• Lekend ( Cenoroid )

Thanks for visiting and glancing over our forums. We hope that you will enjoy your stay!
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